You know that feeling in your life, when you just want to be someone else, and you say to yourself 'from now on, I'm this happy girl, that wants fun'
Yeah, well!
And then you think for some seconds, that all the problems you have, all those things, memories, are not yours! It's someone else's problem!
And for like three seconds you feel how it is, not to have this huge rock on your shoulders.
I wish I would feel like that all the time. I want liberty.
That's how I imagine it.
Leave everything and start again.
I want that liberty.
I want it so bad.
I would give everything for it. But I know, if I get it, many MANY people will be disappointed, and I know, I can't live like that for ever.
So I take liberty for three seconds. And I want to write about it. I want to have a book, and I can always open it and be this girl without any problems. This girl without anything to bother!


My mom said I might go to Indianapolis in some years. I mean, I was like,
And she turned all,
' What? You're almost sixteen, that's OK.'
And I was all,
'Oh my god. Well, okay.'

Haha, she's so insane.

28.5.08 22:08

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