My cat's dying.
I have a concussion. Great. Fucking soccer.
I went to this slam/poetry thing. It was alright.
Stupid folks at school. Gets on my nerves.
My best friend's THE sensation. She has a bf, and suddenly, after some weeks, everybody knows and talks about it. Who the fuck cares? It's her fucking life, man.

I finished 'A long way down'. I love Nick Hornby's books.
I'm reading this book now, by george r. r. martin. ice and fire. w/e.
Everybody says it's awesome, sooo.. gonna check this out.

miss him. I rly miss him. this sucks.

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How are you?

You know what really gets on my nerves?
People who ask you, 'How are you?', but they never really mean it.
They just ask, cause mommy and daddy taught them so.
And you answer, 'I'm fine', cause mommy and daddy taught you so. Even if you don't mean it.
I mean, nobody would go,'I feel like shit, my exwife doesn't want me to see my kids, I own people money, I want to finish this fucking life! HERE AND NOW!'
Nah, nobody would answer like that. People would think you're lunatic.
But that's the real answer to this question, no?
That's what we feel, but we don't want the others to know it, do we?
And why don't we want them to know it?
Well, that's a pretty easy question. The answer is: We are ashamed. We are ashamed, cause the others might be better, and feel sorry for us. We don't want people to feel sorry for us, no, no. It's a lot better to keep your problems for yourself, and then go to a shrink to talk about all your accumulated problems, yeah, that's right.

Yeah, and you will say, but people don't want to know it. Why are they fucking asking you if they don't care a shit? Eh? Any good answer? Courtesy, you'll say. Fuck courtesy, we don't live in 1813. My name's not Bennet and you're not Darcy.
Times have changed, the world moved on, and if you still believe in courtesy, then why does your exwife not want you to see you and your kids and you own people fucking money?

What the hell do you even think, when you're asking that? What do you care what others say or think or write? It's not like your best friend's showing up asking you,'How are you?', and expects you answer 'Yeah, I'm fine.'
Go out and accept your fucking feelings, man.

So, now I really mean it: How are you?

And I want to know it, cause I do care.

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They'll definitively put down my cat.
I don't want to write or talk about it.

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